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VIP Business Fitness Package

The work benefits of regular physical activity are well known, but how can you best integrate exercise with a diary cluttered with meetings, travel and other work commitments?

What you need is a personal trainer to make sure you get enough exercise and rest. PT Pia Sundbäck helps you to find solutions to your time management problems and a new perspective to increasing the amount of exercise you get during each workday. As your personal trainer, I encourage you to exercise while ensuring a healthy balance between workouts, sleep and recovery. Fitness and good health will enhance your work performance and reward you with success.

Keeping fit can be integrated seamlessly with your everyday life. You can also meet with your personal trainer online – and chat support is always available!

Every single physical activity will boost your work performance, focus and stamina, and improve your stress control and sleep quality. Get in touch to find out more!


VIP Business includes

  • 12 times 30 minutes online/ or 6 times 60 minutes in person
  • a fitness and recovery scheme to be updated according to progress
  • personal chat support


Training can take place

while at work, during work-related travel, in your home, outdoors, in a gym, at a swimming pool etc. Zoom or Teams are also an option.



6 hours = €690
(incl. VAT)
Payment: invoice, Smartum or e-passi



Planning for your personal fitness program starts from you and your life situation. We’ll draw out a scheme for a safe and permanent change of everyday routines.

Your personal program will comprise a variety of activities with suitable intensity and optimal frequency. I’ll help you attain your goal by providing support and motivation. By making the right choices you’ll get the energy needed for optimal exercise and regular eating habits. We’ll train together and perhaps even try out new activities. Your new fitness scheme will be designed to help you where you spend most of your time.

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